Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emily at 2 months!

So life got crazy, we had limited internet access, and all of a sudden, we have a 2 month old! That's right, little miss Emily Elizabeth is two months old! She is smiling, chuckling (a short "huh huh"), and occasionally rolling onto her side from her back. We just love her to pieces! Emily recently went to her first BBQ with Amy's youth group from Oxford United Methodist Church. Everyone loved her, and Emily enjoyed being outside and near the warm fire. Amy has been busy advising students in her work in Miami's Honors Program, and Tom has been keeping equally as busy "getting the bad guys" at Hueston Woods! We are working opposite shifts, so Emily only goes to day care once a week, which is great. Emily has a little boyfriend at day care, Jack, who is around 6 months old. Jack loves to hold Emily's feet. How cute is that? More to come, more often, I promise!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June Lorenz Family Check-In

Sorry for the delay in posting friends! I am just getting used to the blogging world. In early May, Tom and I headed up to Toledo for our baby shower. We had a great time! I spent the day with the gals at our baby shower, while Tom and the guys had their diaper party. Suffice it to say we have a TON of diapers and wipes, and wonderful supplies for Baby Lorenz. We are so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends!

Tom and I are busy getting the house ready for baby's arrival. We were originally moving to a bigger house in the park, but that plan is not moving forward due to a lack of insulation! Thus, we have been running around organizing and flip-flopping rooms. I'm thinking I should request bed rest from the doctor, not to get me out of actual work, but to get me out of the housework! Just kidding. Tom's dad came down, and between him and Tom, they have been busy bees, painting our room, moving furniture, and a host of other chores. I've been the laundry diva. This weekend, my goal is to wash all of the baby clothes. Am I the only one who is a little freaked out about putting these tiny clothes in the washer? I feel like I am going to lose those little onesies in the big washer!

I am starting to be physically done with being pregnant. My feet and hands are swollen. I had heard of friends needing to take off their rings. I was excited to not have to deal with this, and all of sudden, my ring finger looks like a sausage! The doctor says I am experiencing "normal swelling." Ew. I am just excited to meet this little girl! I can't wait to see what she looks like and to see Tom hold her. Imagine big Tom with a teeny baby-how cute!

More to come soon, with pictures of the nursery and the "redecorated" house! The dog and cat can definitely sense a change is in the air!

Monday, April 27, 2009

2 More Months!

I (Amy) created this blog so friends and family can know what is going on with the little Lorenz clan out in Ohio. Baby Lorenz arrives 2 months from today! Tom and I are excited to head up to Toledo on Friday for our Baby Shower (and Diaper Party for the guys). The Diaper Party idea is new to me, but I have quickly learned that the guys get together, Tom buys them food and adult beverages, and the guys bring along packs of diapers. Interesting concept! I'm really psyched to see friends and family, especially everyone who is coming from so far away! My mom and sister (and Jannypoo!) are coming in from Connecticut. I get to see my sister's belly and feel my niece move around for the first time. I stopped down at Babies R Us yesterday to get the little tyke some fun toys. Pam is coming in from Maryland, Megan's coming down from Michigan, and who knows who else will surprise us! Tom and I are so grateful to have such wonderful friends.

I am feeling well, although the heat is taking a toll on this preggo girl's body. Eighty-five degree weather and 18 extra pounds all in the belly area are a tricky combination! I made Tom trek out with me to find a blue plastic kiddie pool, but alas, they are not in stock anywhere in Oxford.

We were able to spend a lot of time with friends this weekend. On Saturday, we took Annie (our dog) down to the beach to see the beginning of the bass and sawgeye fishing tournament. We watched as a boat-full of Tom's "cop friends" backed into another boat-oops! Apparently, no one did particularly well in the contest, but had a great time enjoying the weather. We spend the evening at Chad and Marcia's celebrating Marcia's 30th birthday with her family, who had come down from Wisconsin to surprise her. The most entertaining part was watching Mark's 3-year old boy, Matthew, chase Elisha's 3-year old girl, Grace through the yard, threatening her with kisses! Whew, we have got a lot to look forward to!

We also bought a John Deere riding lawn mower from a friend of ours. As the official lawn mower of the house, I am totally psyched! Roger said the yard looked like it had mange after my mowing job, but hey, it was my first attempt. Pictures to come!