Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emily at 2 months!

So life got crazy, we had limited internet access, and all of a sudden, we have a 2 month old! That's right, little miss Emily Elizabeth is two months old! She is smiling, chuckling (a short "huh huh"), and occasionally rolling onto her side from her back. We just love her to pieces! Emily recently went to her first BBQ with Amy's youth group from Oxford United Methodist Church. Everyone loved her, and Emily enjoyed being outside and near the warm fire. Amy has been busy advising students in her work in Miami's Honors Program, and Tom has been keeping equally as busy "getting the bad guys" at Hueston Woods! We are working opposite shifts, so Emily only goes to day care once a week, which is great. Emily has a little boyfriend at day care, Jack, who is around 6 months old. Jack loves to hold Emily's feet. How cute is that? More to come, more often, I promise!

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